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Nutritional Info

High in Plant Power Protein

We've formulated our dough to have a higher protein content and lower heavy starch content compared to other pizza doughs. Meaning you won't feel heavy or bloated after eating loads of our pizza dough. You can go dough-nuts!

Scientific Approach

We try to advance our product in every way we can and a lot of the time turn to food science for answers. We keep our ingredient lists natural and small but we try to control, innovate and improve every variable and formulation technique in making our pizzas. Giving you the maximum pizza experience consistently!

Under 750 Calorie Pizza?!

Our medium sized margarita pizza has just around 750 calories! Ask for less cheese and pile on the veg and proteins for something closer to 600 calories! Or, indulge and add extra cheese and toppings for a less guilty extravagance.

Our Super Micro-Dough-Biome

We've spent thousands of hours and scrutinised over 500 dough recipe iterations (and counting!) to give our dough a truly unique and elevated flavour. We carefully create an organic ecosystem of our own yeasts and starters that we meticulously care-for so they work in symbiotic harmony to give a light & crispy crust packed with flavour!

Highest Quality Ingredients

We never skimp on ingredients! High-quality ingredients are a necessity for a high-quality product. We source the freshest, most tastiest ingredients and don't cut any corners on preparation processes. You really can taste the love.

Always Innovating

We are always innovating. We believe there's always room for improvement and a product can always be better. We spend hours in R&D tinkering with recipes and formulations ensuring if there's room for a small margin of improvement we'll take it. Making sure that even when the pizza's perfect, we'll keep the party going!


Please see the PDF below for all our allergen information for our huge range of pizzas.

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