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Our first, best and most popular location. 
The @homepizza holy land. Going over 12 years strong and still as innovative with pizza as ever! However, when it comes to tech, we’re still stuck in the 90s. We don't do online orders here… Press call below and order with a real human person for collection or delivery!

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Located in the heart of Beaconsfield old town. We present to you our beautiful Grade II listed pizzeria. Our building may be old but the inside is as modern as it comes. This store is completely electric! When the passion burns strong you don’t need a real flame to make great pizza! Our most eco-friendly store.


Run by @homepizza’s prized Sicilian steed, personification of our Italian Stallion pizza. Adopted into the family and entrusted with our secrets. You’ll be getting Ferrari quality pizzas here.

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Bringing you our first restaurant! Located on Canary Wharf's iconic Bank Street. Where every slice is a treasure and our secrets are as guarded as the vaults. You can bank on us for pizza that's worth the investment. This time you’ll be in our home for pizza. 

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